Our wellness plans & Ear Cropping Packages.

About Wellness plans
Give your pet a year of health care and enjoy our Low cost monthly plans. 12 month contracts that can be extended or cancelled after the 12 months.

Your pet needs frequent veterinary care to ensure maximum health. Our pet wellness plans save you money on the total cost of necessary preventive care and treatments. Best of all, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments making it easy to manage your pet’s healthcare costs.

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Ear Cropping Complete package

Pricing is as follows:

  • Short crop: (Mini Schnauzers, pits, cane Corsos and min pin) – $654
  • Long crop: (Giant Schnauzers, Boxers, Dobermans) – $804
  • Great Dane Crop – $904

Complete package: < Prices include the following 5 items:

  1. The initial consultation with Dr. Thomann is $55
  2. Then the surgery and anesthesia protocol:
  • $300 Schnauzer, Pits, Cane Corsos & Min Pins
  • $350 for Boxers and Dobermans,
  • $400 for Great Danes
  • Red blood cell count and blood clotting test for $49 which is required before surgery. Surgical Pain and Antibioitc injections. $45.00
  • Required post surgical medication is our antibiotic pain med spray which is $22.00. Other medications include pain and/or antibiotics to take home which are about $25 each.
  • After 10 days;
    • Sedation, Suture removal and postings. Pricing packages Include 5 postings for LONG ears and 2 postiing for SHORt ears.
    • $150 for Pit Bulls, Cane Corsos, Mini Schnauzers
    • $199 for Dobermans, Boxers, Giant Schnauzers.
    • 249.00 Great Danes
    • Additional postings are $40.00 each

    We do require a $100.00 Deposit to hold the 2 hour surgery slot for you. A 48 hour notice is required to avoid forfeiture of your deposit (no exceptions).

    Other costs that might occur would be if your pet pulls any stitches out and we have to re-sedate to close it back up.

    We were awarded the Angie’s List Super Services award a few years running. You can find reviews on Angie’s list, Google or AAAPetServices.com.

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